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House Hercules gives you the most cash for houses. Hercules works closely with you to provide fast cash buyouts for your home in as little as seven days. We strategize the best option for you so you can get the most benefit from selling your house. We take your property in its current condition with no repairs required. House Hercules makes it simple when you call. We make the process go fast because we know you might be under a time constraint to sell your property. Read this blog to learn the benefits of selling with cash, how markets change and how transactions work.

The Benefits of Getting Cash For Your Property

Getting cash for houses or your property has some great benefits. If you’re under a time constraint, House Hercules can give you an offer for your houses within 24 hours and a closing with 7 days. Whereas if you go through a realtor, the process may take up to a month or more. With the cash route, the process is simplified, and there are fewer parties involved and no inspection processes required. Inspection processes can take up to weeks, but with House Hercules, there is no inspection necessary. House Hercules takes your house in any condition so you can walk away with cash. There is no more paying mortgage or extra rent on your house. The closing of your house is done as soon as your title is ready which only takes up to 7 days. Overall, with the cash option route, the process is fast and hassle-free.

Cash For Houses: The Market

Your offer for getting cash for your houses or property may be lower, but there is no guarantee that you will receive more money if you go into the market. You can list your house for any price, but buyers will usually try to negotiate the listed price down when they do a walk-through with an inspector. Currently, the interest rates are on the rise, which is done to slow down the buying rate in the market. The Federal Reserve creates a balance in the housing market by raising interest rates, so buyers don’t buy houses as easily. The increase in interest rate limits the market of buyers who are qualified for a set mortgage amount. It’s beneficial to sell your house through House Hercules. We take your house off your hands, so you don’t have to be concerned with loan approvals and interest rates regardless of the housing market.

House Transactions

The transactions are kept private, and your property is not marketed at all. There is no public information stating your house is up for sale that others can look up online. Your information is kept private, so if you’re in a situation where you don’t want your family members/neighbors knowing your house is up for sale, you don’t have to mention it. There are no pictures of your house on the internet, so you can feel secure knowing your information is safe.

House Hercules Provides Flexibility

House Hercules provides more flexibility than your average realtor. They offer more flexibility in structuring possession at a later date than the day of closing, a leaseback. In other words, House Hercules does not take possession of the house the day of the actual closing. The house can close, then House Hercules can lease the property back to you for two weeks for free. This process gives you the money in advance from the house sale and also gives you the luxury of extra time to move at your convenience within those two weeks.

Property Conditions & Requirements

House Hercules buys the house as is; there are no property conditions or requirements that have to be met for us to give you cash for your house. There are no repairs required as long as the condition of the house remains the same from the time we walked into the property to the time of closing. House Hercules conducts a final walk-through before the final closing, to make sure the condition of the house has remained the same throughout the process.

How To Get Started

If you’re in any urgency to get cash for houses or your property, going the cash route is the best way to go. There is no inspection process, no walk-throughs, no realtors involved. Going through a loan process requires not only the banks but far more parties involved who you may not have time for. House Hercules understands your urgency to sell your house which is why we buy your house without question so you can get cash fast. Fill out our form and let us know how we can help you in selling your property. Our response rate is within 24 hours, stay on the lookout for our call or email.


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